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Sunday, January 24, 2016

worm bin update

I thought the worm bin 360 would make my job maintaining a worm bin more hands off. So far that isn't proving to be the case. I like this bin but it's not perfect or much easier than just a couple modified Rubbermaid type bins. Not many worms had travelled to the second bin that was added a few weeks ago and a few food items in there ended up going moldy which I've never had happen with worm composting before. I helped more of the worms from bin one migrate up to bin two and helped a few stragglers out of the very bottom where they seemed to be using the worm ladder just not very quickly. I do think this will be better for me to maintain long term and is much easier to lift, there is a learning curve I need to work through apparently. All in the pursuit of good garden compost.

I was adding new produce scraps to the worm bin today and noticed that not much had been eaten since last time.

The worms seem to be migrating from one bin to another more slowly than anticipated.

Quite a lot of worms were still in bin one which is supposed to be a completed bin now.

I moved a bunch of the worms into bin two and added fresh food scraps while removing a couple moldy things.

Go to it worms, eat, make compost, have babies etc....

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