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Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Day

I've been really bad about updating this. I challenged myself to take pictures of random things through the day and post something on one of my blogs TODAY. We're still finding our way with farming or homesteading or just being more self sufficient as a way to save money, be healthier and know where more of our food comes from. The days are busy and none are typical so here is just...a day.

6:00 -ish IT'S MORNING. Feed Dogs Feed cats, feed lizards.

7:00 - ish start on outdoor animals. Feed and water bunnies, make up chicks mash, set out chicken and duck foods, clean and fill water containers and pools.

8:00- Ish. Release the wild masses (birds) from the coop.

Always so funny when they all start running down the hill first thing in the morning.

9:00- ish start breakfast. Today I was running late so I made brunch for everyone rather than small breakfast for whoever wanted it. Picked more blueberries for pancakes and made some other good things to go with it. Helped Tristan add money to his ds game system and then dealt with the predictable fraud alert from the bank (did you really want to send Nintendo money? Yes.)

10:30- ish Watered bottom gardens, picked a couple things including some kale to give the bearded dragons.

11:30- ish. Checked emails, facebook and news for anything important. The day was getting hot so I gave some cold watermelon to the chickens and ducks and freshened their waters.

1:32 set pizza dough rising to make hot pockets with later.

A little after that, went with friend Donna to take care of another friend's chickens since they are away.

3:00 Back at home made the hot pockets, they came out good. I made a mess, Felix the cat as well as the dogs made the mess worse, thankfully after I was done cooking not during!

5:00 ish  checked that animals weren't overheated since it was a very hot day then watched EastEnders.

 6:00 something. Looked over Physics 101 which will be Tristan's science for the coming homeschool year. Printed out the lab supplies list so I can purchase any needed items.

Around 7:00 checked on the birds, they are taking over, they really are.

7:30- ish checked online things and then.......
8:00-ish started trying to get ducks and chickens into their coop for the night.

8:37 DONE, chickens and ducks safely cooped up.

9:00 go through my pictures and think about this blog. Think I could do it tomorrow but I did challenge myself to blog something today. Sooooo sorting through the 177 photos of the day, wrote this out and....


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