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Friday, September 16, 2016

Cold morning, garden goodies and the ducks and chickens.

The day started out so chilly but there was still lots to do. We're still in a severe drought so watering the gardens came first. There just hasn't been much rain this year, thankfully our well has held out. The gardens are still producing pretty well so I picked some beans, broccoli, swiss chard and a few other things to use with lunch. I was glad to see we have about 8 Brussel sprout plants really taking off now, they will hopefully be our Christmas sprouts. Last year we picked them the day before Christmas, not sure the weather will hold out that long again this year but you never know.  I checked on the silkie chicken several times, she's still sitting on her nest, so day 2 of 21 is now completed. She did get up to eat and drink so I was happy to see that. She ran right back to her nest quite quickly after she ate. I worked with Tristan on some of his homeschool work and checked emails and messages then made tofu loaf, herb stuffing, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and all those garden greens and such for dinner. After dinner we finally moved the bunny habitat (a 6' x 8' kennel) away from the fence line so the chickens will no longer be able to use it as a way to jump out of the fenced area.. Need to finish it off tomorrow and get it winterized.

Ducks, always taking over the place.

baby Brussel sprouts

These sprouts will go with Christmas dinner.

Blue cochin, well she's black, she is so beautiful, big and fuzzy.

The silkie is still sitting on her nest of 4 eggs, day 2.

This nice tomato plant took off too late, I'll need to find a way to protect it from the colder nights.

Part of the dinner thanks to the garden.

I needed this many layers this morning.

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