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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Old, New and Maybe

The vegetable gardens are getting to the old, worn out stage, except for late crops. I still got a good amount of beans, enough for today's dinner, from the straggly end of season plants but most of what we'll harvest now will be late season crops like carrots, beets, some greens and winter squash.

The new chicks are continuing to do very well. I am so pleased with this group of chicks. Love to hear them peeping away and see them eating, drinking and playing. Tomorrow we'll move from paper towel bedding to pine shavings.

The older chickens are laying even more regularly now, a lot of our breeds have an average start to lay date of 20 weeks old and as they turned 20 weeks old today many new layers sounded their egg song. One hen even used the real nest boxes, after Hayley placed her there.

I had plenty of eggs to use in making this week's variation of dog and cat food. The ducks continue to be prolific and we got small cream eggs to large dark brown eggs and even a speckled one from the chickens.

As for the maybe, we candled the silkie eggs today, it would be day 10 for 4 of the 6 eggs and I just don't think I'm seeing baby chicks growing in there. It may be my untrained eye or if may be the eggs are not fertile. A broody silkie will sit either way, she just lives in hope, I suppose!

Candling the silkie eggs on day 10.

Day 10 and still the silkie sits on her eggs.

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